The Virginia Theatre Association (VTA), the premier theatre association for the Commonwealth of Virginia, is seeking a full-time Executive Director to lead and advance Its mission and goals as a comprehensive theatre network. VTA is a member of the Southeastern Theatre Conference, the nation’s largest theatre organization. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the association’s consistent achievement of mission and financial objectives.

The Executive Director helps to define the association’s vision and mission and ensures all current and proposed programs, products, services, and events align with them. The Executive Director of Virginia Theatre Association must be a dynamic leader with excellent business skills, a collaborative spirit, and a passion for theatre in the Commonwealth. A full job description is available from the VTA Personnel Committee and is included with this announcement.

Applications must send a resume and cover letter electronically, with the subject line “ED JOB APPLICANT” to: Matthew Armentrout, Chair VTA Personnel Committee

Search Close Date: July 26, 2019

Salary: $47,000 - $53,000

Potential interview dates: August 11 and September 8, 2019

Target start date is October 1, 2019

Job Description

The Executive Director of Virginia Theatre Association (VTA) is hired by and reports directly to the VTA

Board of Directors. The Executive Director is responsible for the association’s consistent achievement

of mission and financial objectives. The Executive Director, working with the Board of Directors, helps

to define the association’s vision and mission and ensures all current and proposed programs, products,

services, and events align with them.

Pursuant to the By-Laws of Virginia Theatre Association (VTA) and the essential job description, the

Executive Director must adhere to financial duties, working closely with the Board of Directors. The

Executive Director works with Programming and any other Division Chairs or Board members responsible

for planning conference or regional events. Other essential duties include communications (both with

the state membership and the Board of Directors) and Board relations. The Executive Director will also

work with Strategic Planning and Development, as needed, in areas of growth and expansion of the

association. The Executive Director oversees staffing of the VTA office and additional leadership duties

as specified.

Education and Experience Requirements

-BA or BS in Business or Arts Administration or Theatre related degree; continued education with MA,

MFA, or MBA preferred

-Minimum of five (5) years of related experience, demonstrating increased levels of responsibility

-Experience in the theatre industry

-Background in leadership and management

-Well versed in accepted business practices

-Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills

-Promotional and motivational experience

-Adept at working closely and professionally with a diverse constituency internally and externally,

including the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and membership

-Strong computer skills

-Ability to maintain a social media presence

Work Schedule

The Executive Director of Virginia Theatre Association is a full-time position. Attendance is required at

the Annual Conference and occasionally at meetings and state events during hours outside the normal

work week. Must work extended hours as needed to meet deadlines or to achieve responsibilities of

the position. Must be able to travel within the requirements of the job or continued education.

VTA Office Location

The VTA office is currently located in Lynchburg, VA. The Board of Directors is open to working with the

Executive Director on the location of the VTA office. It is not a requirement that the VTA office remain

in Lynchburg and the details of this arrangement may be discussed in the Interview process.

Fiscal and Budgetary Functions

1. With the Board of Directors and staff, provide organizational and financial plans and implement plans

and policies authorized by the Board

2. Negotiate and execute contracts on behalf of the association

3. Maintain official records and documents, ensuring compliance with federal, state and local regulations

4. Develop and maintain sound financial practices

5. Work with the Treasurer, the Finance Committee, and the Board of Directors to prepare the annual

budget; with the Board of Directors, assure the association operates within budget guidelines

6. Ensure all obligations are paid on time and all funds are appropriately recorded by overseeing

bookkeeping services

7. Prepare monthly account reconciliations, quarterly budget/actual reports and regular cash-flow


8. With the Treasurer and Finance Committee, regularly evaluate banking and financial services and make

appropriate banking recommendations to the Board

9. With the Treasurer and Finance Committee, analyze monthly statements of the investment account and

make appropriate recommendations to the Board

10. Pursue lapsed membership and event payments, ensuring that all funds are collected


1. Oversee the planning and execution of all Virginia Theatre Association programs

2. Recruit event host sites and coordinators

3. Oversee the design of event programs and conference materials

4. Create and maintain training packets for hosts, Board reps, adjudicators, and volunteers

5. Coordinate schedules for all event sites

6. Arrange catering, travel arrangements, hotel group rates, contact lists, conference supplies and

communications for all events

7. Create and distribute event agendas, guidelines, rules and policies

8. Respond to member questions and suggestions regarding programs

9. Supervise the launch and execution of all event registration

10. Work with the Board regarding any membership campaign

11. Gather event feedback, create wrap-up reports for all events and make appropriate changes for future

events (or recommendations to the Board)

12. Recommend new programs to the Board


1. Ensure the publication of the activities of the association, its programs, and goals

2. Represent the programs and point of view of the association to members, agencies, organizations, and

the general public

3. Ensure maintenance of website, social media efforts, email list and database, working with the Board of

Directors’ Communications Director

4. Supervise the creation and distribution of the Annual Report

5. Issue press releases and provide press comments, when appropriate

6. Communicate member benefits and the value of the association

Board Relations and Management

1. Fully inform the Board of Directors on the condition of the association and all important factors

influencing it

2. Assist in the recruitment of new Board members and Board leadership

3. Create agendas and schedule meetings, working with the President of the Board of Directors

4. Assist in the training of new members to the Board of Directors’, communicating position requirements

5. Maintain and update the Official Virginia Theatre Association Board of Directors Handbook

6. Maintain a centralized, electronic archive of all documents and information


1. With the Board of Directors, create, execute, and review the annual development plan

2. With the Board of Directors, create, execute, and review the annual strategic plan

3. Work on all membership campaigns

4. Provide regular development reports to the Board

5. Encourage the Board of Directors to take an active role in fundraising by guiding and assisting with their



1. Oversee the staffing of the Virginia Theatre Association office, which will include interns of the VTA

office. Ensure that job descriptions are developed, that regular performance evaluations are held, and

that sound human resource practices are in place

2. Provide a yearly job review of his/her position to the Board of Directors and undergo yearly job

performance evaluation

3. Work with the Board of Directors to hire independent contractors for the organization, which might

include contractors in the areas of fundraising, data management, and bookkeeping.

Additional Leadership Duties

-Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field

-Seek continuing education in theatre and arts management, reporting education to the Board of


-Conduct membership surveys and hold member meetings as needed

-Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with community groups and

organizations, including, but not limited to, national arts associations, local arts councils, the National

Endowment for the Arts, the American Association for Theatre Education, Virginia Commission for the

Arts, Virginia Coalition for Fine Arts Education, the Virginia Department of Education, Theatre

Communications Group, state theatre associations, and the Southeastern Theatre Conference

-May serve on committees for other service organizations when needed and appropriate

-Issue advocacy calls to action when needed and track results of efforts

-Lobby elected officials for arts support and arts policies, and motivate members to take an active role in

the process

-Provide detailed reports on the state of theatre in Virginia to state and legislative organizations and to

VTA membership