Auditions & Portfolio Reviews 



Deadline: Oct 11, 2019

Additional Fee: $25.00 per student
(schools wishing to pay their student's fees may do so using the Group Registration Form. Otherwise, students may pay via PayPal using the above form)

All students MUST fill out the audition form and submit it with their registration.

Performance Auditions

Performance students have the opportunity to audition a monologue and/or a song for college, university, and post-secondary theatre program recruitment representatives. After auditions, organizations will post callback lists which invite selected students to meet with specific program representatives. 

Technical Portfolio Reviews

Technical students have the opportunity to present their technical portfolios and receive feedback from professionals and recruiting faculty.

In order to participate, Students must be members of VTA, complete conference registration as well as the audition form which includes time selection for performing auditions.

If you are auditioning, please review the audition tips below. 



VTA hosts SETC Professional Screening auditions every year.

VTA does not handle any screening audition registrations. 

Registration for both VTA's conference and the SETC screening can only be accessed at

Each spring SETC hosts combined Spring Professional Auditions where actors can get summer, year-round, and/or seasonal work at professional theatres from across the nation.

The auditions are held each March as part of the SETC Annual Convention. These auditions are open to all adults, senior citizens, and students over the age of 18.

Individuals may qualify by attending and advancing from the VTA SETC Professional Screening Auditions.